Candy, Sweet Childhood and Tooth Health

For every child, a look back on their sweet childhood almost always involves days playing outside, eating candy and living the worry free life! Unfortunately for both children and parents alike, tooth health can be a major issue when your child has a love for candy! Choosing the right types of candy for your children to consume and monitoring their intake and tooth care can be beneficial in helping your children maintain a sweet childhood filled with both candy and exceptional tooth health!

Even though it can be difficult to monitor what types of candy your children eat when they are away from home, it is easy to do so when they are around the house. Never allow sugary candy except on special occasions! When your children have that hankering for candy or you are in the mood to reward good behavior with a sweet treat, stick to a sugar free brand. Not only is this good for your children’s teeth, but it is also effective in maintaining a balance in their blood sugar levels. Many manufacturers have sugar free versions of many popular candies that are just as tasty and satisfying as the real thing!

When you do allow your kids to munch on candy, in order to maintain great tooth health you should enforce moderation control of consumption. One or two pieces will quench the urge for sweets. Eating candy in excess will only make your kids lethargic and hyped up on sugar only to crash soon after. After Halloween, allow your kids to pick one or two pieces of candy each day. This will keep consumption down and let the fun of Halloween last for months! After children are done snacking on candy, always remind them to brush their teeth to get rid of sugar on their teeth. In addition, always enforce brushing teeth in the morning and at night. Kids should never go to bed without brushing, as sugar left in the mouth at night will eat away at teeth and cause painful and expensive cavities!

Remind your kids that candy is not the only culprit of cavities and poor tooth health! Drinking lots of sugary sodas and even lots of sugar-rich fruits can do a number on your children’s sensitive teeth! Choose diet sodas for your kids- they taste just the same and will have similar benefits that sugar free candy boasts! Of course, enforcing good dental hygiene each day will ensure your that your children maintain their bright smiles throughout childhood.