The Changing Trends Observed in Diwali Sweets

Festivals in India are often accompanied with delectable sweets and most Indian festivals are incomplete without them. They are prepared especially for the festival and have a profound significance and traditional value. Diwali, the biggest Indian festival, is indeed a time for pampering self with traditional sweets. The various Diwali sweets may include authentic milk preparations, deep fried food soaked in syrups and time the honored laddoos and barfis.

Shops During Diwali:
Sweet shops become the center of attraction, as people throng the place for delectable sweets and savories prepared especially for the festive occasion. With the increasing awareness of health hazards caused due to bad eating, health conscious revelers are drifting towards healthy food. Most people make special exceptions for the festival season when they prefer to indulge themselves and burn the extra calories later.

For The Health Conscious:
In recent times, ‘eating right’ is a prerequisite for good health and those that have a sweet tooth and are extremely health conscious, opt for sweets that are less on the fat and sugar content. Traditional sweets are usually made of pure ghee which is really high on calories. In the wake of the growing awareness for healthy foods, sweet enterprises are sprucing up with healthier sweets that have less of sugar and fat that are considered detrimental for health.

Dried Fruits as the most preferred:
The ever growing trends in healthy eating have made revelers deviate from the norm. Many of them have found a beneficial alternative in dried fruits. Dried fruits are integral to Diwali and they are often exchanged as gifts. Dried fruits are also symbolic of good will and in addition to being a good gift option they are one of the preferred alternatives to Diwali sweets. They are high on nutritional value and less on fats hence preferred by the diet conscious. The long shelf life of dried fruits has only added to their allure.

This Diwali, there are many pleasant options for health conscious revelers. However, traditional Diwali sweets like Rasgullas, Gulab jamun, Pedas, Burfis and Halwas will seldom go out of style.